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Chicago's Premier Personal Trainers & Fitness Classes
1 on 1 Personal Training is the leader in personal training and total nutrition management. Our mission is to provide the best personal fitness programs and nutrition consulting for all of our clients. We offer a diverse range of personal training services in a highly professional environment with the understanding that different clients have different needs. Our personal training programs are individually designed to suit each client's background, goals and all aspects of their health, fitness and lifestyle. Whether you're trying to shape up, lose body fat, manage an injury or train for an event, we'll provide nutritional advice, specific exercises, equipment and ongoing motivation for you to succeed. 1 on 1 Fitness Training offers body transformation weight loss and cardio programs, strength training, Muay Thai Kickboxing and our widely popular fitness Boot Camp.

Body Transformation vs Weight Loss
Body Transformation and weight loss are two separate ways of thinking. Most people think of fitness as losing weight but body weight by itself is made up of bone, muscle, organs, water and fat. When you hear someone say, "I lost 10lbs" , it doesn't always mean they lost the right 10 lbs. A gallon of water is 8.6 pounds and losing too much can cause dehydration, and moreover, those pounds generally come right back. Losing muscle is not good for your either as this provides your strength and supports your skeletal system.

1 on 1's personal trainers focus on body transformation. This method does not look at weight as your overall health indicator. When you sit down with your personal trainer, they will start by evaluating your current health and habits and recommending the right nutritional diet for you. Next, a personal exercise plan that includes cardio, weight training and flexibility will be created. At 1on1 Fitness Training, your body transformation focuses on losing excess fat while increasing and maintaining lean muscle.

1 on 1 fitness training: recap
Our facilities have top-of-the-line equipment and is streamlined for the essentials, so we get you in shape at an affordable price.Our trainers are dedicated professionals, which means you will get expert service that far surpasses any other gym in Chicago. Our emphasis is on helping you achieve excellent physical form and keeping you that way. To this, our best advertising comes from the results of our clients.

So...if you want to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then come to us. You’ll be glad you did!

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