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Proficy Machine Edition 75 ##TOP##

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Proficy Machine Edition 75 ##TOP##

The Proficy Automation is a scalable solution for the future. This will mean that there is an API that allows you to control Proficy from a variety of programming languages, and having the automation patterns in place will reduce overhead in the early stages of a project.

The Proficy Databrowser now has a neat visualisation tool where we can see the interactions of automation patterns. This new tool provides a simple visualisation of the interactions and state of the automation patterns over time.

Schedule a free trial of Proficy Operations Hub 75 with operational engineer, Proficy Automation Hub 75 with P&B systems, or the Proficy Machine Edition 75 with P&B systems. Contact for more information and for a free trial to the solutions discussed in this document.

Proficy is the #1 PLC software used in mission-critical control systems and industrial automation applications. Proficy gives you the tools you need for more effective deployment and the flexibility you want to meet the challenges of plant operations. This document provides an overview of Proficy 75 and illustrates how you can use the solution to improve your plant's performance. Please contact Proficy Customer Support with any questions.

The iFix 4.2 operating system software update for Proficy, scheduled to be released today, enables the equipment data visualization function within the software. This feature is based on a next generation iFix viewer, called the iFix App. The iFix App automates and accelerates equipment data visualization, streaming of manufacturing process data, and scripting of tasks. It reduces the need to manually check the data visualization. The iFix App has the ability to run in multiple languages and can be installed on any computer connected to the machine. 3d9ccd7d82


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