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apparently this is all it takes to complete the process: the server returns a boolean value indicating if the user is authorized or not. you can then use this boolean value to determine how and when to use the generated credentials. let us look at a more complete procedure.

in order to get up and running quickly, you can use a simple, one-line python script to complete the process for you. here is an example script using the 'batch' module to generate the credentials for 'fg_et'. you must use the host name/service name that you wish to use, because the credentials are generated for that specific host name. the credentials for 'fg_lj' and 'fg_cj' can be obtained in the same manner, and as you will see, this same script also generates an xml file that describes the authentication methods, along with a token for each method.

i want to use the same code i just downloaded, in my c:cat sis manager instance, and to do that, i'll have to add some lines to it so that it works with my mks2011c instead of my mks2011b crack. (actually, the mks2011b crack is much, much simpler.) in c:cat sis manager, there is a file called it's a small python script that patches the defaultsetup program to the point where it can be used as a license generator.

the script produces two files, '' and ''. the first of these files patches the defaultsetup program in order to accept both mks2011b and mks2011c as parameters. you can use the second file (which is a python script) to generate keys for a specific host. 3d9ccd7d82


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